Gogglebox talks pensions

How often do you get comfy on the sofa (like the families on Gogglebox) and talk about how you’re planning and saving for your retirement with your family, partner or friends?

For many people the answer to the question is likely to be not often, if at all.

But if you give it go, you might see they have a lot to say – just like Jenny and Lee, the Malones, the Siddiquis, and Ellie and Izzi:

You might find out about the steps they’ve already taken, and they might learn something really valuable from you too.

Ultimately it’s a chance to talk about something really rather exciting – your future – and the things you can do now to get the retirement you aspire to. That could mean spending time with friends and family, eating out, or doing a hobby you love.

So banish shoulda, woulda, coulda from your vocabulary and get to know your workplace pension.

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