Employer toolkit


Employees often look to their employers as a trusted source of advice on workplace pensions, so this toolkit is designed to help you feel more confident when talking to your employees about their workplace pension.

To order a printed version of the toolkit email employertoolkit@dwp.gov.uk.

Use the links below to download a digital version of the toolkit. Where there is more than one design, please use the most relevant one for your business.

Downloadable links:

(Use the links below to download the employer’s workplace pensions toolkit)

Email/letter to employees:

Download a draft email or letter to inform your staff of Workplace Pension:

Example email/letter to employees

Individual staff members

All staff members


Download a leaflet design, which best suites your company/organisation:

Leaflet –  Chef design (opens in new window)

Leaflet – Florist design (opens in new window)

Leaflet – Construction worker design (opens in new window)

Leaflet – Barista design (opens in new window)

Leaflet – Wholesale worker design (opens in new window)


Download a poster design, which best suites your company/organisation:


Poster – Chef design (opens in new window)

Poster – Florist design (opens in new window)

Poster – Construction worker design (opens in new window)

Poster – Barista design (opens in new window)

Poster – Wholesale worker design (opens in new window) 


Q&A document for employees:

Download and use as a Q&A guide for you staff:

Q&A for employees (opens in new window)


Example text for newsletter or intranet article:

Download to add to a newsletter/bulletin or intranet page:

Example text for a newsletter or intranet article